Energetic Healing

Our physical body is but one (and the densest) expression of our entire energetic system.  There are several more and increasingly subtle energetic bodies, each with their own specific role and function, as well as more complex energetic structures, fields, and pathways that are woven throughout and connect all our energetic ’tissue’ together.  

As one, the myriad facets of our energetic system work in harmony and gives rise to every aspect of our lives, as well as the way we express ourselves and experience the world.  Our energy system is a thing of beauty.

Energetic healing offers us an opportunity to repair, harmonize, and strengthen our entire energetic system (which includes the physical body), transform the deeper roots of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues, release dysfunctional and conditioned ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving, create space in our lives for new possibilities and opportunities to emerge, cultivate greater self-awareness, and accelerate both our personal evolution and spiritual awakening

In each session, we can directly address and encourage the release, healing, and/or clarification of any issue, challenge, or situation you are currently experiencing, support any intention, or simply allow whatever will be most beneficial to come through for you.  

No matter what focus of our session is, we always spend time relaxing, centering, energizing, harmonizing, and doing a general energetic release of your system wherever it’s most needed. This more general energetic work has wonderfully lightening effect and also helps all the other work we do run more deeply and integrate more fully.

Energetic healing sessions are received on the treatment table, fully clothed, with my hands lightly resting on or above the body.  Energetic healing can also be received at a distance.  Please contact me if you would like to set up a distance energetic healing session:  773-807-5564 / ryanleehealing@gmail.com

The primary style of energetic healing that I offer is called VortexHealing®, which you can learn more about here:  http://vortexhealing.org/ourphilosophy.htm.  I have also practiced Reiki for over 10 years, though I find VortexHealing tends to work more deeply in most cases.

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